Book Review Policy

***This page is a work in progress :) 

I've blogged about books for quite some time.
I've been on a reading hiatus for a year and am finally feeling my reading mojo cooking up again!
With that being said, I'm making some pretty stern rules for myself.
I've loved books since I was a little girl.
I'm one of those people who finds peace in the library...loves the smell and look of books as well as the words inside.
I yam what I yam.

1.  I prefer to work exclusively with TLC Book Reviews.  If you want me to review your book, ya probably should contact them first.  These ladies know what they're doing and have a process that works smooth as silk.

2.  I don't usually review negatively...I have a standard format that I like to follow that details my likes and dislikes about a book.  But, most importantly, I have chosen the books that I review because something about that book is "right up my alley" or tweaks some kind of interest or emotional response from me.
But, I make no promises. If you want me to review your book, after you contact TLC, expect an honest (positive and negative) book review...with details of course.

3.  I'm an English teacher.  I can't overlook basic grammar, spelling errors that are sometimes present in unproofed copies.  I may, in fact, have nightmares about that sort of thing.  I get enough practice reviewing and editing my students' papers in the composition classes I teach.

4.  I'm open to review ebooks and audiobooks just as well as the beloved hold in my hand, cherish, hardbook.

5.  If I'm reviewing a real live book, I prefer hardback or larger paperbacks.  My eyes can't handle the small mass market paperbacks.


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